Collagen is known as a mainstay substance to beautify the appearance of the skin, especially the face of the body in general and in particular. Not a few people who knew the first term is precisely the phrase 'white injectable collagen' that is rampant among the upper middle. When in fact, our own bodies can independently produce collagen because collagen is a natural protein in the body that occupies a 'quota' 30% of all proteins in the body. Of portions such as collagen can be found in almost all parts of the body and have the function of such diverse, ranging from the treatment of the skin, brain, eyes, hair, teeth, bones, muscles, blood vessels, various systems (digestive, circulatory and immune) and also the skin. Collagen is thought to be 70-80% even elements in the human skin.

That's why the mainstay of collagen into a kind of substance to have healthy skin, bright, tight and free from various skin disorders such as acne to wrinkles which is a sign of aging. From here, you can conclude that the benefits of collagen for acne, is a mainstay for the most simple skin problems. Until the problem is far more luxurious skin such as whiten, brighten and disguise wrinkles. Here is a brief review of the benefits of collagen to the face.

Collagen to Overcome Acne

Acne is a skin complaint which almost experienced by every human being. Its presence is inevitable because the causes of acne are also diverse, ranging from hormonal changes, mood excess oil production, as a result of diet and lifestyle that is unhealthy or because of pollution and dust that 'routine' about face. Biologically, acne occurs due to obstructed skin pores so that the skin breathe and consequently emerged kesulitas reddish spots that in severe cases can be shaped sac of pus.

From the picture, it is known that factors causing acne is from within and outside the body. Collagen here plays an important role in preventing or treating acne pimples that have grown as well as 'taking care' of acne scars that are usually difficult to remove.

1. Accelerate the regeneration of the skin

As an element of protein, collagen function naturally moisturize the skin so the skin by itself will do independent work, such as replacing the dead skin cells and accelerate the regeneration process so that problems that occur can be addressed ranging from acne to aging signs. Collagen also can maintain skin elasticity, sufficient nourishment, make the skin taut and maintain their health.

2. Maintain skin elasticity

natural collagen production in the body decreases the intensity after entering the age of 25 years and will be greatly reduced at the age of 60 years. This can lead to impaired skin elasticity so that the problem arises such as wrinkles and wrinkles in various parts. While at the early age of 25 years, decreased production of collagen which generally looks and impact on skin problems are relatively more simple such as acne, dull skin, dry skin and others.

3. Collagen Injection

Many others do collagen injections, to meet the needs of skin collagen. Collagen is thus generally comes from animals and even proven effective, many of which do not suggest the use of collagen is so because it has many side effects in a particular stage could cause serious disruption. Instead, the collagen in the body needs can be satisfied with menkgonsumsi food can stimulate natural collagen production ranging from fruits and vegetables. Although the results are not immediately visible as well as collagen from animals disuntkkan into the body, the way that it proved to be effective and without side effects.

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